Annual Student Leadership Grants

Sponsored by the LBGT PA Caucus


Grants are awarded to self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or gender nonconforming (includes queer and genderqueer) PA student members of the caucus to foster leadership and professional development.

Two grants will be awarded to support the development of future LGBT PA leaders. These grants are awarded to openly LGBT applicants who are committed to the mission and vision of the Caucus, and leadership and profession development within the Caucus and the AAPA

These grants are to be used for registration, travel and housing expenses for the AAPA conference of the academic year in which they are awarded. All grants will be awarded to the recipients at the caucus member appreciation reception held during the AAPA conference.

Grants are awarded to support the cost of travel, hotel, per diem and/or registration to AAPA Annual Conference of the academic year they are awarded. Awards will be presented at the Member Appreciation Reception during the AAPA Annual Conference. Failure to attend the conference results in forfeiture of the award.


All grants are for $1000. Award funding is not guaranteed and depends on the amount of funding available that year. Applicants will be notified immediately if funding is less than in full.


Recipients must be openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or gender nonconforming identified student members of the caucus, who are enrolled in an accredited Physician Assistant Program from the date the application is submitted through the conference dates. Priority is given to active student members of the caucus

Selection criteria includes, but is not limited to overcoming adversity/inspiration, integrity, service, financial need, creativity/innovation, and knowledge, skills and abilities.

Student Expectations

Active involvement in caucus activities during conference such as staffing the Exhibit Hall Booth, participating in the business meetings, receptions, AOR and HOD with a Caucus leader and other activities as requested by the Caucus President during the conference, and during the coming leadership term such as writing an article about conference experiences for the Caucus newsletter and participating in monthly teleconference calls.


Write an essay of 1-3 pages (typed, double spaced, 12 pt fonts, 1” margins). Include the following:

  • Address any issues which arose prior to or after enrollment in PA School that make you want to participate in the leadership of the Caucus.
  • Tell us what you hope to achieve through your involvement with the Caucus.
  • Tell us how you propose to contribute to achieving the mission and vision of the Caucus.
  • Discuss your professional goals as a graduate PA and how they relate to your experience as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or gender nonconforming person.
  • Tell us how you have personally dealt with intolerance or discrimination towards you or a close friend based on sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. Are you satisfied with how you handled it, and if not, how might you have responded differently?
  • Tell us about your financial need for this award.

Letter of Recommendation from faculty is OPTIONAL

Email completed LBGT PA Student Award Application and attachments to Travis Sherer, Awards Chair, at travis.sherer@lbgtpa.org.


Applications must be received by March 15th.

Application (pdf). Note this application is a form, and can be filled out electronically. Please save a copy to your computer and then email it with your essay to the email address listed above.

Grants are not guaranteed to be funded at this time, but applicants will be notified immediately if there are any problems with funding in full.